Our Companys mission is to provide our Clients with the highest level of research excellence within B2B & Corporate markets across Russia and other CIS countries through the following means:

  • Focus on answering your business questions 
  • High level of expertise both in research and industries enabling us to provide you with well-grounded recommendations, not only the research findings
  • Experienced and qualified project team assigned to your research  project
  • Responsible, cooperative and friendly personnel



B2B-Vector was set-up in response to clients needs in focused and scrutinized research studies in Business-to-Business and Corporate markets. Such studies are characterized by their complexity, difficultly accessible high level respondents, and complicated interpretation of the research results in the general context of the specific industry.
While FMCG markets utilize standardized research technologies, research into Business-to-Business & Corporate markets retains its tailor-made and exclusive character.


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