Our company founded in 2007 specializes in custom market research and marketing consulting services in specific markets in terms of geography and industry.
Our main goal in business-to-business research is not only to collect relevant and valid data on areas of interest for our clients, but to provide them with actionable research results, which can be easily transformed into effective marketing strategies and activities.

In case your tasks go beyond the scope of marketing research and require legal, investment or taxation related consulting services, we will recommend to you our partners: www.S2B.ru
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We ground our conclusions on thoroughly collected data from secondary and primary research studies within a specific market.  Secondary research is based on any available  statistics corrected or supplemented  by reputable industry experts. Primary research presents opinions and educated estimates of market operators. These are corporate users or customers who are the main and sometimes only source of information about the industries or markets.
We are experienced in both types of studies, with particular strength in high level primary research.
Our experience in B2B & Corporate research results from years of working in the industry in various companies including renowned international ones. Projects described herein were accomplished under the leadership and complete responsibility of members of our team. 
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