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Study types

  • General Market Overview
  • Market size evaluation
  • Identification of the main players and their market shares
  • Market segmentation
  • Exploration of purchasing practice and habits of businesses and industry sectors
  • Distribution System Evaluations
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Customer or Dealer Satisfaction
  • Image studies
  • New product ideas/concept tests
  • Advertising effectiveness studies



  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Other 11 cities-millionaires
  • Cities and towns with less than 1 mln. population
  • Rural areas

CIS countries


  • a dedicated team of experienced and well-supported researchers
  • specially trained and experienced in B2B research studies fieldwork team (recruiters, interviewers)
  • reliable partners in regions of Russia and other CIS countries
  • established contacts and support of reputable experts across a range of industries, such as
    • official statistics
    • machinery
    • dwelling construction
    • construction materials production
    • real estate
    • automotive
    • food service
    • and others

Our team

The nature of business-to-business research in Russia necessitates every member of a team to possess a combination of analytical skills, research experience, and problem solving ability.

Our consultants graduated from the best Russian universities, have an impressive working experience in the most reputable Russian and foreign companies, and have gained truly unique in-country business-to-business experience.

Our consultants have accomplished many projects in almost every major industry sector. Each member of the team has gained a strong breadth of research fundamentals supplemented by specialization in project design, questionnaire development, executive interviewing, and analysis and reporting.