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Case studies - примеры выполненных проектов

Case studies - примеры выполненных проектов

Radio-Frequency Identification Market Overview and New Product Concept Test

One of the world leading companies in the RFID market was planning to launch their innovative RFID product into the Russian market. In order to work out an appropriate market entering strategy, the Company needed information about the current status of the market (size, main players and their market shares, dynamics of the market development) in Russia and overall market potential for the product on test. By means of a number of expert interviews across a range of industries - potential users of the product we collected the required data including identification of the product’s perceived strengths and weaknesses, possible barriers for usage, the segments with the highest market potential.

Wall-building materials market size evaluation

This project was initiated by the leading European wall-building materials manufacturer for Russian AAC market size evaluation. Through a combination of a comprehensive desk research and in-depth face-to-face interviews with construction companies, leading AAC manufacturers, distributors and retailers, we achieved the objective and provided the Client with the estimate of the market size in terms of its volume and value, which allowed our Client to make a well-grounded decision on the future investment into the Russian market.

New industrial bulldozer concept test

This project was conducted at the request of one of the two Russian industrial vehicles manufacturers and was dedicated to a new model of industrial tractor concept testing. The goal of the study was to identify the most attractive and appealing elements of the concept for its further development in accordance with the target group of corporate users’ product representations and expectations. Methods applied – expert interviews with corporate end-users. Geography – RF regions. The research results enabled the Client to build up a proper communication strategy and achieve the desirable results in promoting the new model.

New agro-chemical product concept test

This exploratory study was dedicated to defining and describing the current practice of agro-chemical products usage on crops in various parts of Russia and testing the Client’s product potential among the perspective agricultural enterprises. The main methods applied – desk research, in-depth interviews with agronomists and a quantitative study across the whole of Russia.